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All three major parties commit to libel reform in their general election manifestos
15th April 2010 The Labour Party: “To encourage freedom of speech and access to information, we will bring forward new legislation on libel to protect the right of defendants to speak freely.” The Conservative Party:“We will review…

Analysis of the new Defamation Bill
The Defamation Bill was granted Royal Assent to become the Defamation Act 2013 on Thursday 25th April. Tracey Brown, Director, Sense About Science said: “A campaign of small organisations, thousands of individuals and good parliamentarians…

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Bringing libel reform to Scotland
The Defamation Act 2013 must be extended to Scotland. Can you join us in Edinburgh on Thursday 17th July at 5 pm?

London says goodbye to libel tourists
Government promises to bring new libel law into effect by end of the year

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Keel libel laws out of science
This is an article for the Index on Censorship magazine and you can read the full piece here. Tracey Brown looks at one of the UK’s most challenging and important free expression campaignsAs 2013 began, advocates for libel reform looked forward…

Lord Lester's Defamation Bill
It's been a busy week, full of meetings and events. Ellen and Leonor headed up North on Tuesday for discussions with the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science in Liverpool. Alice was also off at the BSA Science Communication Conference on Monday. She ran…