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Response to stories suggesting that vaping is as bad for the heart as cigarettes
Articles on Tuesday 30th August in The Times, Telegraph, The Sun, Mirror and Daily Mail reported that “vaping risk is similar to smoking” and that vaping is “as bad for the heart as cigarettes”.…

Response to stories suggesting coffee can protect against cancer

Response to article claiming that an ingredient in chemical sunscreens may 'speed the development of malignant cells and tumours'
An article published on Thursday April 7th in the Metro (, page 31, login to access) claimed that some chemical sunscreens contain an ingredient that may "speed the development of malignant cells and tumours…

Response to stories that "meat is tainted by GM"
Articles on Wednesday 24th February in the Daily Mail and The Sun reported that “Most meat is tainted by GM” and claimed that DNA fragments derived from GM plant materials in feed, occasionally detected in animal tissues, present a health…

Response to stories suggesting that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as tobacco, or worse, during pregnancy
Articles on Friday 12th February in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph reported that “women smokers are misguided in their belief that it is safer to switch to electronic cigarettes when pregnant” and that “e-cigarettes could cause the…

Response to suggestions that placenta pills stop postnatal depression

Response to claims that pesticides are causing a fertility crisis "worse than global warming"
An article in The Telegraph on 23rd October with the headline “Avoid 'toxic June' when trying to conceive, say scientists” reported research on birth rates that had been presented to the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive…

Response to headlines suggesting ME 'is all in the mind'

Response to headline "You can catch Alzheimer's"
Headlines on Thursday 10th September in the Daily Mirror, the Sun, the Metro, the Daily Mail and the Telegraph claimed that Alzheimer’s disease may be transmitted by surgery and blood transfusions. These were based on a study that…

Response to headline claiming e-cigarettes 'tempt young into smoking'
Articles in the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Mirror on Wednesday 9th September reported that young people who used e-cigarettes were four times more likely to take up smoking. In fact the study focuses on only 16 people…

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