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For the record

For the Record

When scientific evidence is misrepresented in the news, experts can set the record straight. 'For the record' pieces have responded to articles making dodgy science claims, ranging from junk food causing allergies, magnets easing the symptoms of menopause or that perfume can make your unborn baby infertile.

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Does exposure to BPA during pregnancy affect aggressive behaviour in children?
A new study links BPA in women’s diet during pregnancy to increased aggression in their daughters, but limitations of the research undermine these claims.
Does 'the pill cause stroke'?Does 'the pill cause stroke'?
Is your mobile killing you?Is your mobile killing you?
Can your lipstick give you heart problems?Can your lipstick give you heart problems?
Do flame retardants in sofas cause cancer?Do flame retardants in sofas cause cancer?
Are fizzy drinks 'linked to depression'?Are fizzy drinks 'linked to depression'?
"Mediterranean diet reduces heart attacks""Mediterranean diet reduces heart attacks"
Are single vaccines safer than the MMR jab? Are single vaccines safer than the MMR jab?

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