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'The Ugly Truth'

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For the record

For the Record

When scientific evidence is misrepresented in the news, experts can set the record straight. 'For the record' pieces have responded to articles making dodgy science claims, ranging from junk food causing allergies, magnets easing the symptoms of menopause or that perfume can make your unborn baby infertile.

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Calls to ban mobile phones and Wi-Fi claiming they pose a public health risk not based on evidence
Magnets not shown to reduce the syptoms of menopause
Can your health be assessed by measuring antioxidant levels on the skin?

Exposure to mobile phones before and after birth linked to behavioural problems in children
Response by Professor Edzard Ernst to advert in New Statesman, 11th October 2010
Does eating junk food lead to allergies? The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, August 2010
Can shopping receipts make you impotent? The Telegraph, 30th June 2010
Bisphenol A in food packaging
100 reasons why global warming is natural, The Daily Express, 15th December 2009
Is there a link between patients receiving treatment and the cannabis downgrade?
Criticisms on FSA organic food study, Daily Mail, 31st July 2009
Are your toiletries toxic? The Daily Mail, 6th July 2009
120 million deaths from swine flu
Diet and Autism, Daily Mail, 23rd June 2009
Homeopathy for ovarian cysts

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