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For the record

"Is blood type linked to higher risk of dementia?" Image

"Is blood type linked to higher risk of dementia?"

An article in the Daily Express on 11th September had the headline “Rarest blood group linked to higher risk of dementia”. In fact the study on which the article was based did not investigate dementia. 

Dr Ian Le Guillou from the Alzheimer’s Society responded:

“As opposed to what the headline suggests, the researchers did not investigate a link between dementia and blood type. The published results suggest that people with the AB blood type have a higher rate of developing cognitive impairment, but did not demonstrate a link to dementia. Although in general, people with cognitive impairment (memory and thinking problems beyond what is normally seen with ageing) have a higher risk of developing dementia, a significant proportion of them will not develop the condition. We do not know if the people studied in this research will develop dementia or not.

“There are several known factors that can increase the risk of developing dementia, including smoking, obesity and high blood pressure. Rather than worrying about their blood type, people can lower their risk by living an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Document type: For The Record

Published: 12 September 2014

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