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For the record

"How two-screen viewing can damage brain" Image

"How two-screen viewing can damage brain"

Articles in the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mirror on 25th September 2014 had the headline “How two-screen viewing can damage brain” and claimed “television viewers who ‘second screen’ by looking at mobile telephones and tablets may suffer brain damage, depression and emotional problems, scientists have warned.” The study on which the articles were based does not show that two-screen viewing can cause brain damage, in fact it did not detect brain damage.

Dr Ryota Kanai, Cognitive Neuroscientist at University College London and lead author on the study responded:

“We did not claim any causality. This study is a starting point, but does not allow such a strong claim as second screening damages the brain. What we found is an interesting relationship between media multitasking and the size of the anterior cingulate cortex. It is equally likely that people with a smaller anterior cingulate cortex tend to multitask more. We now plan to study the direction of causation."

Document type: For The Record

Published: 25 September 2014

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