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For the record

"Drinking two fizzy drinks a day 'raises blood pressure'" Image

"Drinking two fizzy drinks a day 'raises blood pressure'"

Articles in the Sun and the Mail Online on 9th December claimed drinking two cans of fizzy drink can raise blood pressure following exposure from Bisphenol A (BPA) in the can lining.

Professor Richard Sharpe, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, University of Edinburgh:

“This is a well-designed study, but contrary to what the media stories say, it does not show that drinking 2 cans of fizzy drink a day causes an increase in blood pressure. 

The BPA exposure resulted from drinking soy from a tin-can with acrylic coating. What it did show is that in every test situation (consumption from glass bottles or cans or mix of bottle and can), blood pressure went down after the two test drinks; it's just that it did not go down by quite as much in the group exposed to higher levels of BPA (i.e. after drinks from 2 cans). 

So this study shows that increased BPA exposure categorically does not increase blood pressure." 

Document type: For The Record

Published: 11 December 2014

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