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For the record

"Lipstick could harm baby's IQ" Image

"Lipstick could harm baby's IQ"

Articles in the Metro, the Independent, the Guardian and Mail Online on 11th December claimed that “lipstick could harm baby’s IQ.” In fact, the study on which the articles are based did not look at the effect of wearing lipstick during pregnancy and the study does not show that exposure to phthalates during pregnancy will cause children to have a lower IQ.

Professor Alan Boobis, toxicologist at Imperial College London responds:

“This study shows an association between the concentrations of certain phthalates in urine measured at one point in time during pregnancy and IQ at age 7 years. As the authors themselves point out, there are a number of limitations in assessing exposure from urine samples, as phthalates are relatively short-lived in the body. It is too early to conclude whether the association is causal, or indeed real. It could be a chance finding.”

Document type: For The Record

Published: 11 December 2014

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