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For the record

"What toxic packaging does to healthy food" Image

"What toxic packaging does to healthy food"

An article in Times2 (£) on 3rd March 2015 claimed that “175 chemicals found in food packaging are defined by international classification bodies as ‘chemicals of concern.’”

Dr Mark Lorch, Senior Lecturer in Biological Chemistry at the University of Hull:

“This statement is misleading: the lists on which these are based are not all 'international classification bodies'. One is a list compiled by The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, and is described as a list of 'potential endocrine disruptors'. This list appears to account for 119 of the 175 'chemicals of concern'. The Endocrine Disruption Exchange site is very open about where the chemicals on this list come from, stating: 'The purpose of the Endocrine Disruption Exchange List is to present the chemicals for which at least one peer-reviewed study has been published'. Many of these studies were carried out on relatively simple model organisms like yeast.”

Just because a chemical is on a list, even one compiled by an international body, does not necessarily mean that it is unsafe. It might be that its effects are currently being studied.

Author: Alex Thompson

Document type: For The Record

Published: 3 March 2015

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