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For the record

"Sleeping well is a 'cure-all'" Image

"Sleeping well is a 'cure-all'"

An article in the Daily Express on Thursday 19th March 2015 claimed “a good night’s sleep is the key to beating a host of killer conditions, a study suggests.” In fact, the study didn’t look at the effects of sleep on health.

Dr Malcom von Schantz, Reader in Molecular Neurobiology, University of Surrey and lead author of the study:

"Chronic sleep deprivation has been associated with numerous health problems, reported by other researchers over many years. However, it does not follow that because sleep deprivation is detrimental that good sleep is 'a cure-all'. Our study reported about a village in rural Brazil which prefers to go to bed and get up earlier, which we believe is more similar to the pre-industrial sleep patterns of our ancestors. We are looking forward to analysing how this relates to health outcomes in this group, but we haven't done so yet."

Sleep for the record

Document type: For The Record

Published: 20 March 2015

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