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For the record

"Fear over radioactive food entering UK food chain" Image

"Fear over radioactive food entering UK food chain"

An article in The Independent on Tuesday 14th April reported on fears about radioactive food from Fukushima entering the UK market. In fact the actual risk of radioactive contamination would be minute.

Professor Geraldine Thomas, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London:

"Despite what the Independent article says the risk of cancer from exposure to Caesium-137 in food is disputed.

"The Fukushima region covers a large area, and the contamination from the accident is restricted to certain areas. In Japan they test food and have a much lower cut off level for radioactive contamination than we do in the Europe. I would have absolutely no hesitation about eating the food grown in the Fukushima region – its nutritional value would certainly outweigh any risk from the minute doses of radioactive contamination that might be present."

“We have seen no confirmed increase in cancer in the local population in the areas contaminated by the Chernobyl accident (1986), the majority of whom have continued to eat contaminated food grown on their local land since the accident happened. We would have seen increases in thyroid and other types of cancer by now if Caesium-137 were causative and produced a discernible increase.”

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Published: 14 April 2015

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