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For the record

"Organic milk can harm an unborn baby" Image

"Organic milk can harm an unborn baby"

Articles in The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, and The Times (£) on Tuesday 28th April reported on a study about milk type and iodine concentration. The research was published in the journal Food Chemistry. Many of the headlines claimed that drinking organic milk can “harm an unborn baby” and lead to a “lower IQ”. In fact the research did not look at health outcomes of drinking milk.

Professor Ian Givens, Director of Food Production & Quality Research Division at the University of Reading and corresponding author said:

"The study did not directly measure health outcomes or the IQ of babies. Our study was a retail study with the aim of better understanding what factors affect the iodine concentration in milk as purchased by the public. However it is true that colleagues at the University of Surrey have shown an association between low iodine status of the mother during pregnancy (early pregnancy in particular) and poorer cognitive ability in the children. The key message is for people to recognise that there is likely to be a difference in iodine content of different types of milk. This study therefore shows that people drinking organic or UHT milk would need to consume more to reach the iodine levels found in conventional milk."

Document type: For The Record

Published: 28 April 2015

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