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For the record

Are police not investigating burglaries at odd numbered houses? Image

Are police not investigating burglaries at odd numbered houses?

The Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Express and the Independent reported on a recent pilot scheme conducted by Leicestershire Police on Thursday 6th August. These articles ran with headlines that claimed “Police will not probe break-ins at homes with odd number”, “Crazy cop force won’t probe break-in bids if you live at odd number” and “Police only investigate burglaries at homes with even-numbers.” Giving the impression that police were not helping half of victims, which simply isn’t true. The police were running a pilot to investigate whether forensics teams help to solve burglary cases. To randomise the use of forensics teams, they sent them to houses with even numbers but not to odd numbers.

Leicestershire Police said:

“As a condition of accepting to host the trial, Leicestershire Police stipulated that all reported scenes of attempted burglaries would be visited by a police officer, and that any scene involving a vulnerable victim or believed to be part of a series of crimes would be visited by forensic officers.”

Document type: For The Record

Published: 6 August 2015

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