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For the record

"Cervical cancer vaccine has left our daughter in waking coma" Image

"Cervical cancer vaccine has left our daughter in waking coma"

The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Metro, 15 November 2011.

The articles are based purely on the parents' tentative suggestion. Their teenage daughter has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and the symptoms started several weeks after she received the HPV vaccine. The parents are reported to be urging other parents to "get all the facts."
Raj Naik, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist and Clinical Lead of the Northern Gynaecological Oncology Centre in Gateshead, UK, responds:
"No, there is no evidence to suggest this and the article's claims are unsubstantiated. Adolescent girls are the group most often affected by chronic fatigue syndrome; adolescent girls are the group to whom the vaccine (Cervarix) is administered. The facts about the vaccine are widely available and well documented. The HPV vaccination programme in the UK is likely to save hundreds of women's lives each year, who would otherwise have died of cervical cancer. A study published in the British Journal of Cancer forecasts that if 80% of 12-13 year olds are vaccinated there will be a 63% reduction in invasive cancer."
J Cuzick, A Castanon and P Sasieni 2010 Predicted impact of vaccination against human papillomavirus 16/18 on cancer incidence and cervical abnormalities in women aged 20-29 in the UK. British Journal of Cancer 102:933-939. doi:10.1038/sj.bjc.6605528

Document type: For The Record

Published: 17 November 2011

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