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For the record

"Warning on sports drinks at the desk" Image

"Warning on sports drinks at the desk"

Articles in the Daily Express and the Daily Mail on Wednesday 4 April 2012 stated that millions are putting their health at risk by drinking sports energy drinks at their desks. It also claimed that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) says the drinks should only be used by those performing endurance exercise.

Ann Ashworth, Registered Dietitian and Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist: “The EFSA does not say that sports drinks should only be used by individuals performing endurance exercise. They examined the health claims of such products and confirmed that carbohydrate and electrolyte containing sports drinks can enhance fluid absorption during exercise. They didn’t say anything about drinking sports drinks in the office1.”

The article also stated that sports drinks contained potentially harmful levels of caffeine, which has been linked to seizures, heart problems and behavioral disorders.

Sara Stanner, Registered Public Health Nutritionist and Science Programme Manager at the British Nutrition Foundation: “Most sports drinks contain around the same level of caffeine as a cup of coffee. If they do contain high levels they must carry the wording ‘high caffeine content’. The symptoms listed in the article are much worse than those you would normally see from caffeine which tend to be a rapid heart beat and possibly nausea.”


Document type: For The Record

Published: 5 April 2012

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