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Australian critic sued by weight-loss product manufacturer for libel

22 June 2011

The Australian weight loss product manufacturer SensaSlim is suing a critic for libel, even after having their assets frozen by Australian consumer watchdog

We were recently contacted by the Victorian Branch of Australian Skeptics, to tell us about a defamation case launched in Australia against Melbourne academic Dr Ken Harvey.  Dr Harvey had complained to the Complaints Resolution Panel and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (a government regulatory body in Australia) about the way a weight loss product called SensaSlim was being promoted. In response, SensaSlim launched a defamation action claiming “general and punitive damages for libel in the sum of $800,000.00”, plus costs.

However, the Australian consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, has recently won an order freezing SensaSlim’s assets, as it emerged that research used to market SensaSlim’s products had been fabricated.

Dr Ken Harvey continues to defend the defamation case launched against him by SensaSlim. In the meantime, his complaint process with the TGA is also being stalled and SensSlim can continue to promote their product. For more on the story, and to show your support for Dr Harvey, see the Australian Skeptics site.

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