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'Ask for evidence' appeal

Every day we are bombarded with scientific and medical information: on advertising material, product websites, advice columns, campaign statements, celebrity health fads and policy announcements. Even where there is some regulation, in advertising or trading standards, claims that are not based on good evidence keep reappearing. The only way to address this is to equip people to ask questions about evidence for themselves.

Our new campaign ‘Ask for evidence’ aims to get more members of the public asking advertisers, companies, government bodies and other organisations to set out the evidence they have for their claims. High profile figures across many sectors of science and public life have come together to back the campaign. 

Read about the campaign launch and see media coverage.

Our supporters raised an initial fund to launch the campaign but we now need your support to help us make an impact.

What you can do...

Spread the word…

...Tell everyone you know to ‘ask for evidence’


... via Tabitha Innocent's Just Giving page

... through JustTextGiving by texting 'RDSC11 £amount' to 70070


… by setting up your own Just Giving page

… or organising an event

… or appeal to friends and associates by forwarding links to this page

Support fundraising activitives...

read Lauren Taylor’s blog on why she skated the Goodwood Roller Marathon to support our campaign. Eliza and Sam who are cycling 100 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh

Send Tabitha Innocent details of your fundraising activities to promote them on this page, or contact her for help and information: [email protected].


Messages from campaign supporters

"The work that you're doing is so important - good luck and best wishes." Chris Finnie

"Keep up the good work. Good luck with the campaign."  Nina Alphey

"Wonderful idea - a most worthy and needed cause."  Mark Sykes

"Hope this campaign gives people the confidence to recognise bad science when they see it!" Sarah Webb

"A much needed campaign." Stuart Jones

"Great idea - it's about time pseudoscience was countered!" Robert Stovold

"A worthwhile campaign. I wish it every success" George Baxter

"Best campaign idea yet. Nice work!" Brighton Skeptics in the Pub

"Excellent campaign - good luck!" John Scadding

"Good luck... this is a really good campaign... it should be great" Maria Nunez

"It is great to be able to support the work that Sense About Science does." Hugh Randolph

"Thank you SAS for mobilising "the wisdom of the crowd" to report, dissect and critique dodgy science" Susan Bewley

"The media seems to get more and more powerful in swaying public opinion, and the government answers with knee jerk reactions that are often inappropriate. Look what happened with mephedrone: in a flash, with no proof of its harmfulness, this "legal high" was transformed into an illegal drug on the basis of little more than media hype. The early deaths turned out to be associated with methadone - a well known potent opioid - not mephedrone at all - an obvious mistake in the early inflammatory reports. Criminalising young people can do just as much harm as a drug itself. We need to get real, objective, factual information across to the public - in a clear, understandable way. Sense about Science has the best track record at this - support this campaign and help disseminate the real facts." Dr Polly Taylor, Vet

Read Tom Crick's blog about the appeal

Read Skeptic TV's piece on our campaign

‘RDSC11 £amount’ to 70070
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