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Defamation Bill returns to the House of Lords

Thanks to all your work with us over the last few weeks, the proposal asking companies to show harm before they can sue for libel is back on the table. The Government has made a concession and has suggested an amendment on this for debate this afternoon in the House of Lords. You can watch the debate here: from around 4.30pm.

There will also be a vote on whether the Derbyshire principle should be included in the Defamation Bill and extended to private companies performing a public function so that citizens are able to criticise taxpayer funded services, whoever provides them, without fear of libel threats.

After the debate this afternoon the Bill will go straight to the Commons on Wednesday for ratification before it becomes law at Royal Ascent - this could be as soon as Thursday. We’ll be issuing lots of comments but can you tell us what you want to do? Should we find somewhere for everyone who has worked with us to achieve this to come together to hear from some champions of the libel reform campaign? Email us and let us know asap!