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Free Speech Is Not For Sale

Free speech is not for saleOn Tuesday 10th November 2009 Index on Censorship and English PEN released the Free Speech Is Not For Sale report on the impact of English libel laws on freedom of expression.

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Read Sir Ken McDonald’s speech at the launch of the report

Simon Singh spoke at the launch, saying: “The report is a stark summary of why authors, journalists, bloggers, scientists and other academics around the world fear being sued for libel in the English courts. America has already realised that there is something fundamentally wrong with our system and is taking action. American states are beginning to pass laws to protect their citizens from libel actions in the English courts. The problem with English libel laws is not so much that they stop me from writing about important issues, but rather that they stop you from reading about such issues. If the US stops exporting its free press to us, this will be the ultimate proof.”

Read Simon writing in The Guardian: English libel law stifles freedom of expression worldwide