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Lib Dems make a commitment to libel law reform


Fantastic news from our busy day at the Lib Dem conference.

Sile Lane, Sense About Science:

The Liberal Democrats voted overwhelmingly in favour of libel law reform at their party conference on Sunday 20th September 2009. This is a great step forward in recognising that the chilling, stultifying effect of the English libel laws - on scientific debates and other important public discussions - has become dangerous and intolerable. There is still much more to do.”

Simon Singh’s reaction to Lib Dems commitment to libel law reform:

“I attended the Lib Dem conference yesterday, spoke at the fringe meeting on libel reform and witnessed the overwhelming vote in favour of libel reform - it was terrific to see the issue of libel moving up the political agenda. Evan Harris MP, Richard Dawkins and Prateek Buch (who proposed the libel amendment) all did a superb job, as did Sile Lane, Nick Cohen and Ben Goldacre who all spoke at the fringe meeting. There is still a long way to go before the laws are actually reformed, but the combination of popular support coupled with an obvious problem is clearly having an impact. If we can get 100,000 supporters, or perhaps 1 million supporters, then it will be hard for any political party to ignore the campaign for libel reform.”

Read about Richard Dawkins addressing the Lib Dems on libel law reform.

Watch Professor Dawkins address the conference and read his speech.


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