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Malaria and homeopathy

In 2006 an investigation by Sense About Science and Simon Singh, in conjunction with BBC's Newsnight programme, uncovered ten clinics and pharmacies offering unproven homeopathic pills to protect against malaria and other tropical diseases.

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Leading experts warn that homeopathic medicines offer no protection against malaria

Following the investigation, Sense About Science brought together leading experts in malaria and tropical diseases to respond to public misinformation about alternative ways to prevent malaria. The experts warned that homeopathic medicines offer no protection against malaria or other serious tropical diseases because they contain no active ingredients and they urged the government to ensure that the safety of the travelling public is not compromised by the promotion of unproven remedies. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain launched professional misconduct hearings following the investigations.

Newsnight follows up the 2006 investigations

In January 2011 Newsnight delivered an excellent summary of the issues around homeopathy and malaria. The programme was a follow up to our initial investigations in 2006. The new investigations highlighted that the same problems still exist and the only action the Government has taken is to ban the use of homeopathy for animals. Soon after the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) dropped two cases against pharmacies offering homeopathy to protect against malaria.

Sense About Science launches call for clear homeopathy labels

Our call for clear, honest labeling about evidence on homeopathic products.