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Office articles

Here are a selection of articles written by members of the office team:


Emily Jesper

BJOG mini commentary Poor quality online information for pregnant women is a global problem: what can we do about it? November 2014

Wiley Exchanges Making Sense of Drug Safety Science: A New Guide Nov 2013

BJOG mini commentary How Do We Communicate Health Risks Clearly? May 2014


Sile Lane

New Scientist Axing Europe's top science job is a step backwards November 2014

New Scientist Don't scrap Europe's chief scientific adviser July 2014

BBC Radio 4 Today programme, with Greenpeace on their call to scrap the EU Chief Scientific Advisor position (from 1hr 10mins) July 2014

RTE News “How to do science better” June 2014

Times Higher Education What does the Defamation Act mean for academics? January 2014

Royal Statistical Society StatsLife Will Europe help get clinical trial data out from behind closed doors? October 2013

Guardian Why the data on all drug trials must be released September 2013

Guardian Hepatitis C detector promises hope and nothing more February 2013 

Chemistry World Decisive uncertainty January 2013

Channel 4 Should alternative medicine be available on the NHS? February 2012

Which? Conversations Ask for evidence. Don't let scientific claims go unchallenged. October 2011

BioNews: Fertility Astrology. When you’ve tried everything under the sun, should you look to the stars? April 2011

House Magazine: Sued into silence June 2010

BMJ: Síle Lane on keeping libel laws out of science August 2009


Julia Wilson

Wiley Exchanges: 5 things I learned about peer review at ESOF July 2014

Elsevier Connect: Booklet helps public understand peer review February 2013

Eureka Magazine, Times Science: Here comes the science bit. So be wary October 2011

The Guardian: You too can be a medical* practitioner  September 2010

Physiology News: WHO does not recommend the use of homeopathy for HIV, malaria, TB, influenza and infant diarrhoea (p42) Winter 2009

British Thyroid Foundation: Making sense of science claims (p9) Spring 2010


Chris Peters

Elsevier Connect: New book challenges ‘the absurd rules that blight our lives’ July 2014

Genetics Society Journal: Talking about plants June 2014

Students 4 Best Evidence: Stand up for science and Ask for Evidence December 2013