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Penderel's Oak - Four years on


Last week in order to celebrate libel reform we decided to have a reunion. A full house in the basement of the Penderel's Oak saw a number of libel reform supporters give their peronsal tales of what the campaign has achieved and what needs to happen next.

Simon Singh: "Thank you to everyone who was there four years ago because I was at the point of buckling and I could easily have caved in, but the support and confidence and courage you gave me meant I carried on fighting".

Brian Cox: "It amazes me that rational thought is such a niche activity that it needs a campaign like this to push it forward! [...] I'd like to thank Simon in particular for taking that immense personal risk and pushing this agenda forward".

Tracey Brown: "We've all been in a fairly celebratory mood since the Defamation Bill became the Defamation Act, but that is not yet law and I would just like to remind you that there are many people who are still facing incredibly threatening actions under the current law".

You can listen to some of the short speeches from the party at the links below and there are some pictures from the night here.

Introduction from Tracey Brown, managing director, Sense About Science:

Tracey Brown's libel reform poem:

Dave Gorman, author, stand-up comedian and presenter:

Rob Flello MP, Shadow Justice Minister:

Simon Singh, science writer and defendant in BCA v Singh:

Chris French, Professor of Psychology, Goldsmiths University:

Hardeep Singh, freelance journalist and broadcaster:

Dr Peter Wilmshurst, consultant cardiologist and defendant in NMT v Wilmshurst:

Richard Dunstan, who battled libel laws to expose illegal practices:

Brian Cox, Professor of Particle Physics, Manchester University:

Justine Roberts, founder of parenting forum Mumsnet:

Dara O Briain, stand-up comedian and television presenter:

Nick Cohen, journalist, author and political commentator:

You can also listen to the highlights of all the talks from the night on the latest episode of the Pod Delustion.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the evening especially to @Noodlemaz and @Kemaha for the filming and photography.