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SAHSU consults Sense about Science

We have been working with the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU) on the development of ‘An Environment and Health Atlas for England and Wales’. To help ensure that the Atlas is useful for the public, policy makers and academics.

In April 2014, SAHSU launched an atlas of England and Wales, which maps the spatial variation in exposure to potential environmental hazards and the health-outcomes of major public health importance over a 25 year period. The aim of the Atlas is to provide information, assist in development of hypotheses about the role of environmental factors in chronic disease and to inform public health research and action. The Atlas is being developed so that it is accessible to a range of audiences. The Atlas will be made available in print and also as an online interactive tool.

We ran five workshops and two one-to ones, which brought together members of the public and a range of specialists including epidemiologists, health geographers, statisticians, other scientists, medical professionals, journalists, science communicators, representatives from government organisations, local government and interested public. The workshops were a chance to test the Atlas material on different people and highlight problems and potential pitfalls with interpretation. Several changes to the Atlas format were suggested and agreed on to improve readability and understanding by providing the insights that enable the public to make sense of the atlases and avoid misinterpretation.

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