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Evidence matters to the public

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Plant Science Panel

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'The Ugly Truth'

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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Tracey's articles

Read In the Interests of Safety by Tracey Brown and Michael Hanlon.

Watch Tracey's 2015 Sense About Science Annual Lecture, 'The Ugly Truth'.

Watch Tracey's TEDx talk, 'The Power of Asking for Evidence'.

Read Tracey's most recent article in The Guardian (September 2015): Can you handle the truth? Some ugly facts in science and sensibility

A selection of Tracey's past articles:

The Guardian: The precautionary principle is a blunt instrument (July 2013)

The Guardian: Whether Nick Clegg feeds GM food to his kids or not is irrelevant (June 2013)

The Author: Science and Libel (Spring 2011)

The Guardian: Libel must be taken out of the High Court (October 2010)

Biochemist e-volution: Science for the public - beyond the wow factor (Feb 2010)

The Biochemist: Science for the public (Dec 2009)

The Scientist: Making Sense of Science (Nov 2005)

Research Fortnight: Why opinion polls about science are not to be trusted (May 2005)

The Endocrinologist: Sowing the seeds of Sense (p8) (Autumn 2003)

 Tracey also contributed regularly to the British Science Association magazine, People & Science, which highlighted public engagement in science.