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Plant Science Panel

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'The Ugly Truth'

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Translation policy

If Sense About Science grants permission to translate a publication the following policies apply:

(a) The translation shall be made by the interested party or under the direct supervision of the interested party.

(c) The interested party shall design and implement a translation process that will enable a faithful translation, with no omission or addition (other than translation footnotes), of the Sense About Science publication(s). A faithful translation respects the intent, tone and the organization of the Sense About Science publication(s).

(d) In translating, it is important that the interested party seeks to understand the intent of the original drafters of the Sense About Science publication(s) so that misunderstandings do not arise because of literal translation of the English text.

(e) The interested party shall ensure that the key words are used as consistently as possible in the translation of the Sense About Science publication(s). Translation footnotes may be used to refer to the prevalent usages in a country when the key word retained differs from that usage.

(f) The interested party shall provide Sense About Science with a copy of the translation and, where applicable, copies of revised or new translations.

(g) The following statement shall be included in each translated Sense About Science publication, whether in electronic or print format, following the appropriate copyright or acknowledgement statement:

This publication [insert title of the final Sense About Science publication] published by Sense About Science in [insert month and year] in the English language, has been translated into [insert language] by [insert name of interested party] in [insert month and year], and is used with the permission of Sense About Science. Sense About Science assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the translation or for actions that may ensue as a result thereof. The approved text of all Sense About Science publications is that published by Sense About Science in the English language.

h) The reproduced material should also contain the following copyright information:

Copyright under Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. Published in [Month and Year] by Sense About Science. Used with permission of Sense About Science. Contact [email protected] for permission to reproduce or translate the document.