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'The Ugly Truth'

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Publications and resources

You can browse all of our publications and resources, including our 'Making Sense of' series and 'Sense Abouts'.

If you know the publication you are looking for you can search for it using keywords. All of our publications are available to download but if you would like hard copies you can order them by completing an online form.

All publications and resources

Making Sense of StatisticsMaking Sense of Statistics
This guide is not a lesson in statistics. It provides the questions to ask and identifies the pitfalls to avoid to help us get behind news stories that use statistics.
Detox DossierDetox Dossier
Making Sense of TestingMaking Sense of Testing
The guide presents a few insights and highlights common misconceptions about having health tests and scans.
Making Sense of ScreeningMaking Sense of Screening
The guide addresses misconceptions about how screening works, its limitations and the calculation of benefits and harms to bridge the gap between the active debates of the scientific community and the concerns raised by the public.
Making Sense of RadiationMaking Sense of Radiation
Together with scientists, engineers and medical professionals we identified some of the tools that they themselves rely on to help deliver a clearer picture of what radiation is, what it does and what it can't do.
Making Sense of GMMaking Sense of GM
In the guide scientists and agriculturalists explain what is the genetic modification of plants and why scientists are doing it, putting GM into the context of developing plant breeding.
Public Views on Scientific EvidencePublic Views on Scientific Evidence
Ipsos MORI study conducted for Sense About Science
Making Sense of Weather and ClimateMaking Sense of Weather and Climate
We worked with climate and weather scientists to review how weather and climate issues are discussed in media coverage and policy debates and address what they noticed were frequent misunderstandings.
I've Got Nothing to Lose by Trying ItI've Got Nothing to Lose by Trying It
A guide to weighing up claims about cures and treatments

Standing Up For ScienceStanding Up For Science
A guide to the media for early career researchers
Standing Up For Science IIStanding Up For Science II
A guide to promoting good science and fighting misinformation
There Goes the Science Bit...There Goes the Science Bit...
Peer Review and the Acceptance of New Scientific IdeasPeer Review and the Acceptance of New Scientific Ideas
2007 Celebrities and Science Review2007 Celebrities and Science Review
Sense About Bird FluSense About Bird Flu

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