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2007 Celebrities and Science Review Image

2007 Celebrities and Science Review

In January 2007, in a leaflet called Sense About… Science for Celebrities, scientists told celebrities: “Before making scientific claims check your facts - all it takes is a phone call”. It showed how easily some mistakes could have been avoided and gave a phone number for celebrities to call so that Sense About Science could connect them with scientists, scientific societies and charities.

Celebrities made an improvement in what they said in 2007 but Sarah Beeny and Stella McCartney let the side down. People in the public eye are often drawn to promoting theories, therapies and campaigns that make no scientific sense - especially at New Year. In January 2007 scientists working with the charitable trust Sense About Science launched an initiative to help the stars cut out misleading claims. One year on they are reviewing progress: are celebrities checking their science ‘facts’?

Author: Sense About Science

Document type: Celebrities and Science review

Published: 30 December 2007


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