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The hidden side of clinical trials

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Evidence matters to the public

Join us on 1st November at Parliament to make the case

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Plant Science Panel

Insecticides, biofuels, GMOs …

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'The Ugly Truth'

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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Information on plant breeding, pesticides, land use and food production
Alternative Medicine
Information on homeopathy, chiropractic and the causes and cures of disease
Annual reviews (2007-2013) and ongoing responses to claims made by people in the public eye
Tackling misconceptions about chemicals
Climate and Weather
Information about the science behind climate and weather
Debunking detox diets and products
Drugs Policy
Archive of the UKDPC and ongoing responses
Questions on power generation and energy policy
Evidence and Policy
Our work for accountable public policy
Evidence Based Medicine
What evidence based medicine is and how it’s applied
Responses to safety, diets, labelling, allergies, nutrition and more
Food Additives
Information on use, testing and regulation of E numbers and other additives
Genetic Ancestry
What DNA tests can and can’t tell you about your ancestry
GM and GMOs
What genetic modification is and why scientists are doing it
From causes to cures: all of our work with a health element
Libel Law
Libel law reform to protect open scientific discussion
Lie Detectors
Lie detector technology and the debate over its use
Campaign to block EU physical agents directive
Responding to claims about the brain and brain training
Peer Review
The process for assessing scientific quality and why it matters
Plant Science
Information on GM, plant breeding, pesticides and food production
Tackling misconceptions about radiation
Screening and Health Tests
Information about what tests do and how the benefits and harms are calculated
Questions to ask and pitfalls to avoid
Why uncertainty is part of science
Understanding Evidence
How science works and how to assess claims