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'The Ugly Truth'

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Assessing science on the internet
Does your organisation use peer-reviewed scientific information? Do you want to explain the peer review process to your site visitors? Download the “I don’t know what to believe” e-button, which helps people query the status of science…


Peer Review inquiry report published
Read our response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on Peer review in Scientific Publications.

Albert Yue Yuan, reporter for Life Week writes on peer review in context of events in China
Yuan's article (in mandarin) discusses Sense About Science's debate on peer review at ESOF in the context of a Chinese journalist being physically attacked for questioning a scientist's claims.


I Don't Know What to Believe: Chinese version
This leaflet is a Chinese translation of our public guide to peer review. It is for people who follow debates about science and medicine in the news. It explains how scientists present and judge research and how you can ask questions of the scientific…


Quick thoughts on Science magazine 'sting' on peer review.
Perhaps the findings of Science magazine’s investigation into the paucity of peer review aren’t that surprising, though it’s good that someone has made a fuss about it. But it’s not about open access, it’s about the author…