The hidden side of clinical trials

Watch the AllTrials TEDx talk on YouTube

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Evidence matters to the public

Join us on 1st November at Parliament to make the case

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Plant Science Panel

Insecticides, biofuels, GMOs …

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'The Ugly Truth'

by Tracey Brown, director of Sense About Science

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How do drug trials work?
A video about the clinical trials process

Testing treatments
How we tell whether one treatment is better than another. In other words, what constitutes a “fair test” of the effects of treatments. 

Placebo effect and clinical trials
The placebo effect – young girl runs her own trial of faith healers and gets published! Also, people given sugar pill but report side effects.

Chemicals and chemophobia
Blog about chemophobia

All prescription drugs have benefits and side effects
Allows patients to research reported side effects for prescription drugs

Answers to these 12 questions could save your life
A checklist of questions to help patients and their healthcare professionals discuss the risks and benefits of prescription medication:

Ask three questions
Encourages patients to ask questions that will lead to clinicians providing higher quality information about options and their benefits and harms:

Avoid medicines scams
NHS Choices page about the risks of buying medicines online and common medicines scams:

Cancer: hope for sale?
BBC Panorama programme about the Burzynski clinic in Texas (episode available to view on iPlayer until 3 June 2014):

Confusion over headlines
MMR and how people feel now about decisions they made based on the coverage that led to confusion and panic in some cases.

It’s OK to ask about clinical research
NIHR Campaign, OK to ask – encourages patients to ask health professionals about how to get involved in clinical research.

James Lind Alliance

James Lind Library
Explaining and illustrating the development of fair tests of treatments in health care


Stem Cell Resources:

Stem cell therapies in MS booklet

A closer look at stem cell treatments

Stem cells therapies for sight loss: How to avoid bogus treatmentsBogus treatments slideshoe

Stem cell clinical trials