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Plant Science Panel

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'The Ugly Truth'

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We deal with hundreds of enquiries every month; more than we could hope to include below.

Here is a chronology of some of the key events and publications from the last ten years:

Nov 2009 

Dec 2012 

Plant Science Panel

Plant science panel launched 


Briefing on public interest defence for libel

Nov 2012 

2012 Winners

Winners of the inaugural Maddox prize announced 

Jul 2012 

Sense About Lie Detectors

Sense About Lie Detectors 


Sense About Science at ESOF, Dublin 


Peer review: The nuts and bolts Image

Peer Review: The nuts and bolts

Jun 2012 

Dara and Brian with petition

Rally for a public interest defence for libel

May 2012 

Libel reform announced in the Queen's speech 


Rothamsted Appeal

Rothamsted's appeal to protestors

 Apr 2012 

Professor Paul Hardaker

Professor Paul Hardaker appointed as new chair

Lord Taverne

Annual Lecture: Lord Taverne, 'What has science ever done for us?'

  Mar 2012

Fukushima letter

EU Commission's communication following Fukushima

  Feb 2012


Libel Rally

Rally for libel reform 


AAAS 2012

Misreporting Fukushima, AAAS Vancouver



Launch of VoYS USA - first workshop held in Cambridge MA

Jan 2012


Ask for Evidence postcards

Dec 2011   

Celebrities and Science Review 2011

Celebrities and Science 2011

Nov 2011   

US interns

VoYS US interns

Sep 2011   


Ask for Evidence 

Ask for Evidence launched


South Africa VoYS 

Standing up for science, South Africa

Jul 2011   

World Conference of Science Journalism

World conference of science journalists, Doha

May 2011   


New website

New website launched  



peer review

Tracey Brown gives evidence to Peer Review Inquiry



Annual lecture 2011

Annual Lecture: Professor Richard Evans, 'Epidemics and refuseniks'



Cambridge science festival, Boston

Apr 2011   

New office

Sense About Science moves to 14A Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DP

Mar 2011   

Draft Defamation Bill

Government's draft Defamation Bill published



Government's draft bill

What should a Defamation Bill contain?

Feb 2011   


A call to the MHRA for clear labelling of homeopathic products

Jan 2011   

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg commits to libel reform in speech on civil liberties


New Year's Dissolutions

New Year's dissolutions

Dec 2010

Celebrities and Science 2010



Cape Town

National Research Foundation, Cape Town

Nov 2010   

Libel reform one year on

Libel reform campaign 'one year on'


Dalia Neild

'Boob job' cream and other libel threats

Sep 2010   

VoYS Stunt

VoYS school of old wives’ traditional medicine

Aug 2010

MJA award

Health charity of the year at the Medical Journalist's Association 2010 awards

Jul 2010   


'Warriors against claptrap' and 'What’s up with peer review?' ESOF 2010, Turin


Annual Lecture 2010

Annual Lecture: Dr Fiona Godlee, 'It’s time to stand up for science once more'

Jun 2010  



Start of the Sense About Science blog

May 2010   


Making Sense of Statistics

Making Sense of Statistics


Cambridge Science Festival

Standing up for science, Cambridge science festival, Boston

Apr 2010   

Jack Straw 

Mass lobby of Parliament for libel law reform

Mar 2010   


Big Libel Gig Dara O'Briain  

The Big Libel Gig


Prof Francisco Lacerda 

Lie detectors and libel

Jan 2010   


Celebrities and Science 2009 

Dec 2009

Campaign launch

Libel reform campaign


Sense About Systematic Reviews 

Sense About Systematic Reviews


Ministerial Code

Principles for the Treatment of Independent Scientific Advice in the Ministerial Code

  Oct 2009

Screening headlines 

Making Sense of Screening

Sep 2009

PR Survey

Preliminary results of the Peer Review Survey 2009 launched

 Aug 2009



"Homeopathy not a cure, says WHO" BBC

Jun 2009   

Sense of Chiropractic

Sense About Chiropractic


Keep libel laws out of science campaign launched

Homeopathy Open Letter

VoYS succeeds in getting WHO to condemn homeopathy for treatment of serious diseases

Mar 2009

Annual Lecture 2009

Annual Lecture: Dr Olivia Judson, 'Why experiment?'

Feb 2009   

Making Sense of GM

Making Sense of GM

Jan 2009 

Standing up for Science II

Standing up for Science II: the Nuts and Bolts


Detox Dossier Coverage

The Detox Dossier

Dec 2008

Celebrities and Science Review 2008

Celebrities and Science 2008


Peer Review Workshop

First peer review workshop: Research, publishing it, reviewing it, and talking about it publicly

Nov 2008 

VoYS Workshop 2008

First Scottish Standing up for science media workshop


I've got nothing to lose by trying it

I've got nothing to lose by trying it


EBM Matters

Evidence based medicine matters

Oct 2008   

Education Resource 

Peer review education resource


Sense of Anti-EMF

Sense About Anti-EMF Products


Making Sense of Radiation 

Making Sense of Radiation

May 2008 

Brain Gym

Sense About Brain Gym

Apr 2008   

VoYS Workshop 2008

First Manchester Standing up for science media workshop

Mar 2008 


Making Sense of Testing

Making Sense of Testing

Feb 2008   

Annual Lecture 2008

Annual Lecture: Professsor Alan Sokal, 'What is science and why should we care?'

Jan 2008 


Celebrities and Science 2007

Oct 2007


There Goes the Science Bit...



Physical Agents (EMF) Directive delayed

Mar 2007   


Making Sense of Weather and Climate


Annual Lecture: Professor Raymond Tallis, 'Longer, healthier, happier?'

Jan 2007

First Celebrities and Science

Sep 2006

Sense About Homeopathy

Sense About Homeopathy


Standing up for Science 

Standing up for Science

Jul 2006

For the Record

The first for the record responds to 'the hormone scandal' 



Newsnight investigation: Malaria advice 'risks lives'

May 2006 


The Times

"NHS told to abandon alternative medicine" on the front page of The Times

Apr 2006  

Sense About Bird Flu

Sense About Bird Flu

Mar 2006 

Annual Lecture 2006 

Annual Lecture: Sir John Krebs FRS, 'Scientific advice, impartiality and policy'

Jan 2006

Making Sense of Chemical Stories 

Making Sense of Chemical Stories

 Nov 2005

I Don't Know What to Believe

I Don’t Know What to Believe

Sept 2005   

PAD campaign 

Campaign to repeal the Physical Agents Directive

  Jul 2005

Sense About Energy Gap


Sense About The Energy Gap

Feb 2005

Dixon and Husband 

Radiology and Diagnosis briefing

Sep 2004

VoYS Network

First Standing up for science media workshop: start of Voice of Young Science network (VoYS)

May 2004

Peer Review


Peer Review and the Acceptance of New Scientific Ideas

Oct 2003 


Sense About Science

Sense About Science formalised as a Charitable Trust (1101114)



GM letter to Blair

Scientists write to Tony Blair on failure to tackle misconceptions about GM

May 2003

Declaration of Trust formalised with the Charity Commision



Gordan Conway gives speech on 'Biotechnology and hunger'



‘Public-good plant breeding: what are the international priorities?’ with the Natural History Museum 

Apr 2003   


Vandalism of crop research


Vandalism of crop research trials, survey findings 

Dec 2002


Evidence Base is active, linking scientists with the public. Notable subjects were MRSA, MMR and Vitamin D

Jul 2002



Board of Trustees and Advisory Council established





Evidence base established: our database of experts who want to put good science at the heart of public discussion

 Apr 2002

Tracey Brown


Sense About Science set up and Tracey Brown recruited as director

 Oct 2001

Lord Taverne

Dick Taverne works with leading figures in the world of science and medicine to set up an initiative that will put evidence at the heart of public discussion